Products MAIN PRODUCTS:    AIRPORT PRODUCTS    INDUSTRIAL TRAILERS World leader in the manufacture and design of dollies: PINON is positionned on two main products families : industrial trailers and dollies for Airport Ground Support Equipment. PINON debuted on the market of industrial trailers and knows in that department, since 2014, a strong volume growth. The Airport Department has become a leader in the design and manufacture of non-motorized ground support equipment for airports, having produced more than 100,000 trailers since 1960. Many competitors have copied our solutions, but with different quality The reputation of the company is very strong within customer "Airport":  airlines companies, airport authorities, handling companies. The name has even become synonymous of airport dollies , in several countries. This department has developed new markets both domestic and internationally, with exports representing 85% of annual sales of the company. Thus trailers and handling equipment PINON are found in more than 80 countries in Europe (Poland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, ...), Asia (Singapore, Korea, Australia, ...) Africa, Near and Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE United Arab ...) and America (Brazil, Venezuela, ...) PINON - 16 Rue du Véxin  -  78250 HARDRICOURT      Tél : 01 30 99 92 00  Fax : 01 30 99 92 01